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College planning is a team effort.
ourcoachesimg1Planning for college is a confusing process and no student or family should go it alone.  Every student needs a team and every great team needs a coach!  Coaches help their team win by keeping them on track, encouraging them, holding them accountable, and providing expert guidance every step of the way.   That’s the job of CAA’s Coaching Team.

The College Admissions Assistance Coaching Team is at the heart of our service.  Students and parents have access to not just one coach, but our entire team of coaches as they make the journey from high school to college.

We have been there
Our Coaches are real people just like you.  They know what it’s like to be a high school student trying to juggle busy schedules, activities, and homework all while worrying about “college stuff.”  They also know what it’s like to be a parent in this process!  Our Coaches provide expert assistance and a personal touch that only comes from helping thousands of families just like yours.

All Coaching Team Members are carefully screened and complete thorough background checks for your peace of mind.   Each Coach is a degreed professional with degrees ranging from Doctorate to Bachelors.  Our Coaches are former college professors, high school teachers, counselors, youth pastors, and business professionals.  Our Coaches bring decades of experience in working with teenagers and parents in the admissions process.  We have invested heavily in the training of our Coaching Team to ensure that they are equipped to provide the absolute best guidance possible to each of our families. All Coaches complete CAA’s proprietary College-Planning Coach Certification Curriculum developed in conjunction with Dr. Kathleen McGuire, the creator of UCLA’s highly acclaimed College Planning Certification Program. They also are kept up-to-date on legislation that affects colleges and students and they receive ongoing training in all areas of college planning and financial aid.

On demand, dedicated to your student
Coaches are standing by to help students and their parents from 7 am to 10 pm (Central time), Monday through Friday.   Available by phone or email, our Coaching Team can be contacted by students before, during, or after school.  Parents can call or email the Coaching Team whenever it fits into their day or when they get home from work.  Whether they have a quick question, need to follow up on an assignment, or want a detailed call with the coach and their student, CAA’s Coaching Team is here to help.  Our Coaches are dedicated to helping your student live out their unique purpose in life by getting them started with the right college education.  Our coaches are passionate about what they do and know they have an opportunity to help change students’ lives for the better every single day.  When a student and their family enroll in our program, they don’t just become clients, they become part of the CAA Family!