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College Admissions Assistance (CAA) is a private educational-service organization that provides expert college planning help to students and families nationwide. These services would be out of reach for many families, but we have successfully combined technology, a caring team of highly trained college coaches, and years of experience into a program that’s affordable to families in need of our assistance.


Our passion is helping students to discover their destiny.
We know that with the current economy, it’s not just about getting students into college—it’s about helping them find a career direction that is fulfilling, exciting, and also brings financial stability. Now more than ever, students need a careful and smart decision process for career selection. Our goal is to help students discover a career that enriches their spirit and brings financial rewards.

Our Mission…Helping students live out their unique purpose in life by getting them started with the right college education.
Our expertise is in the high school to college transition. Launching our students with the right college, the right career goals, and the right financial aid package is what we do best.


CAA provides the most comprehensive college planning service available today.

Getting ready for college is so much more than taking tests and writing essays. Success comes as families accomplish each step in our process, make decisions as directed, and take appropriate actions. Steps missed could be opportunities lost! We know you are busy, so we keep you on track, making sure you are doing the right steps at the right times. Our process saves time and money. Studies show that most students take six years to complete a four-year bachelor’s degree program. With our guidance, students in our program learn to make wise decisions and stay organized, which allows them to finish college on time and start their careers ahead of their peers.


CAA believes in your student!

Our program is personalized, easy to use, and is supported by real human beings who care. The teenage years are a time of tremendous growth. Choices made in this unique window of life are crucial. Students need to surround themselves with supportive people who believe in them and help them set positive goals. Our coaches love working with teenagers and work hard to help each student discover his or her unique potential and what goals should be set in order to achieve their dreams.



We are changing the way families plan for college… we get results.