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2014 Stats Graphic

Here is a sample of what our families are saying about the CAA program…

“CAA has helped by providing me with someone else I can talk to and get information from when my family did not know or my counselors were too busy. When I had a question or was in need of finding specific information or resources, someone was always able to help. They have been a great resource whenever I needed them.”

Yarolslav P., IN


“We are an immigrant family, and my parents don’t know much about the college application process. CAA has been our saving grace during these rough times. I just want to thank you all for reading, editing, and helping me with all of my essays, and for helping me when I call. I thank all of the tutors that have helped me, and for treating me with respect, love, compassion, and showing me that you believe in me.”

Afi B., NC


“CAA’s college and career databases and tests helped me to know what I wanted to study and the best way to study. It gave me a new perspective on the way I learn and I found that to be extremely helpful.”

Elizabeth G., KS


“The CAA services have really helped me with my college essays. The academic progress chart also helped me realize what I should work on per school I applied to. Additionally, the email reminders and updates helped me to stay on track and through my entire college process this year.”

Cortnee J., MO


“The CAA kept me on track with deadlines, and helped my mom and I stay calm and informed through a process that was a new experience for both of us.”

Andrea D., NY


“CAA has helped me achieve all of the possible requirements for a specific college in order to get accepted. The application review was a lifesaver! Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity to be part of this program!”

Drew C., WA



“I absolutely loved my experience with CAA and I would definitely recommend it to anyone serious about getting into college!”

Nicole M., NJ


“I greatly appreciated the My Fit function for colleges. It helped me visualize which colleges would be best for me. I also used the career information to help solidify what future jobs I would like to hold one day.”

Natalie S., CO

“CAA has helped me prepare for college by giving me the resources I needed to search for and explore different colleges. CAA gave me information that allowed me to decide which colleges would be the best fit for myself and my family based on the majors they offered, the extra-curricular activities, and the estimated cost of attendance. Communicating with the coaches also helped answer the questions I had about the colleges I chose and the admissions process. All of the services offered helped me feel prepared and well informed.”

Kathia A., AZ


“CAA helped to give me a realistic view of the application process, financial issues, and making a decision based on not only what was attractive in the short-run but also what was most appropriate for the long-run.”

Lydia M., MN