5 Tips for High School Juniors

By Coach Trish   So you’re a junior now. Welcome to the home stretch. Junior year is usually when students feel the biggest change of pace. The best thing you can do prior to senior year is make a plan. Start with these five tips from your CAA coaches:   #1: Get organized – This year you will take the PSAT, SAT, and ACT. Each of these tests can lead to admission as well as scholarships from potential colleges. The SAT & ACT are offered throughout the school year, so map out when you plan to take your tests. Also, you should allow yourself at least 8 weeks of test prep prior to testing.   #2: Get involved – Make sure you are gaining meaningful experiences for college applications and resumes. This is the last full year you can make a difference in your community while also improving your chances for admission. College are interested in seeing students in leadership positions or at the very least gaining career-related experience. If this is your first year getting involved, make it count. And remember, quantity never trumps quality.   #3: Get informed – Carefully research your college options (and careers for that matter). That means don’t commit to a college you haven’t visited, if possible. It also means making use of your team of coaches (like ME) and using the resources on our website like the Career Assessment, test prep, tutoring, and LaunchPad Library.   #4: Get ready – As you begin finalizing your college choices, start preparing for the application process. Put your colleges in order by their deadlines and prioritize scholarship deadlines as well. Keep in mind that some deadlines have stipulations (early action vs. early decision), so be sure to choose the one that benefits you. Remember, it is best to start working on applications, essays, and resumes at least a month before they are due.   #5: Get advice – Take advantage of the people in positions to help you. Your guidance counselor can provide a wealth of information about scholarships offered by businesses in your city in addition to making sure you are on track academically. Teachers are usually willing to write recommendations for their favorite pupils. Tip: English teachers write the best recommendation letters because their writing skills are flawless! So be nice to your English teacher, and for Pete’s sake, learn how to use commas correctly! That has to be one of their pet peeves.   As always, your CAA coaches are here to support you. Give us a call when you want to put your plan in motion. We have your back.