Art School Realities

By Coach Trish   The road to college is no doubt a winding one. For those interested in talent-based careers, finding the right fit can get complicated. Today’s blog will be for my artists, my creative beings itching to etch this world anew. Since art schools are rising in popularity, there are a few things you should keep in mind before taking the plunge.   Shaping Your Vision 

Whether you are only considering studying fine art or you are completely invested in it, you’ve likely entertained the idea of attending an art school. These institutions promise an art-centered education without taking tons of general education courses like science, math, or English. After all, those subjects are a total waste of time, right? Wrong. Having a basic understanding of artistic techniques will not help you sell, market, promote, or present your work. Therefore, going to a college that merely focuses on art classes may not serve you well. CAA suggests you pair your art degree with a lucrative minor like business, marketing, or even web design. If the art schools you’ve considered do not offer those options, consider adding another college to your lineup.   Sketchy Business 

Even if you are not sure what art school to attend, I bet you’ve heard of The Art Institute, right? With approximately 50 locations across the U.S., they’re like the McDonalds of art schools. However, the cost isn’t as cheap as a double cheeseburger. The Art Institute markets itself as the premier educational experience for artists that serves as a meeting ground to learn and establish a professional network. Sounds great, right? Maybe. According to The Huffington Post, The Washington Post, Forbes, and a host of other resources, fine arts degree holders have one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation. It is also good to know that The Art Institutes only have an average graduation rate of 25 percent. Now, that does not mean you should avoid all art schools and switch your major. It means that you have to do your homework prior to committing to a college. Check out graduation rates, internship options, and job placement rates because going to a college without checking its credibility is like biting into a McRib sandwich and discovering there’s no BONES. Sketchy, yes. But, you’ve already committed. Eat up.   Getting Graphic 

Art schools are notorious for boasting financial aid options that will make it affordable for you to attend. Their representatives will compare their costs to that of liberal arts colleges to make their school seem more reasonably priced. However, competition for scholarships at an art school is pretty fierce given that everyone is gunning for the same degrees and, ultimately, the same merit aid. That leaves the financial aid office leaning pretty heavily on federal aid programs, including student loans. So not only could you struggle to graduate in four years and find a job after college, but your family may have to make ends meet by taking out large private loans with high interest rates. To avoid getting graphic in the financial aid office later, select colleges that make the most financial sense for your family right now.   Edit the Design 

Every artist has to edit the design once in a while, but don’t scrap your dream. Simply be open to other options that may not be the clear choice initially. Novice artists create what moves them. More experienced artists move with intention. You may not be familiar with all the pitfalls in the college admissions process, but that’s why you have CAA coaches. We can help you plan and orchestrate your steps. Ready to get started? Cool. Call us. We are here for you.