College Admissions Assistance is proud to announce the winners of our 2020 Senior Survey Scholarship Contest. The Fourth Place winner this year is Julie Armstrong. She will receive a $250 scholarship. Julie is from Connecticut and is set to attend Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) this fall. Currently, she is planning to pursue a degree in business and pursue a job in the corporate world.

While she was not able to visit SNHU, she was impressed by researching the school online. She enjoyed seeing all the things they offer. Also, she saw their response to the COVID-19 health issues as setting them apart from other colleges. SNHU lowered their costs for students because of the pandemic. Julie told us that she believes “they put their students first.” She will start her first year by taking classes online.

Julie was able to make good use of CAA’s services. She told us, “When it comes to preparation for college, CAA has been there for me.” She used our tutoring services quite a bit and used the SAT prep to help her study for the exam. Julie was able to raise her SAT score through her practice with the test prep from CAA.

She was appreciative of our services, especially for financial aid assistance. She shared that the CAA coaches provided FAFSA support when she had issues with the application. Julie felt like the conversations she had with the coaches helped her because a “FAFSA expert.” We also were able to go over her award letter to explain the terms and helped her have a plan.

During high school Julie spent time volunteering at her church and being part of the Agro Sciences program at her school. She was inspired by her AP Literature teacher. This teacher encouraged her to work hard and reach her potential. Looking back, she would encourage younger students to take advantage of their classes in high school and manage their time efficiently.

Julie is a kind, trustworthy, and resilient person. CAA is proud that she got so much out of the time in our program. We wish her the best of luck as she starts college!



Being a coach gives me the chance to experience the joy of helping people often!