CAA Announces First Prize Scholarship Winner

Anneliese Gordon photo 072916

College Admissions Assistance is proud to announce Anneliese Gordon as our First Prize Scholarship winner! She will receive $1,000 to use towards her college expenses this fall. She took part in our annual survey that invites students to share their experience with CAA, and she let us know that her favorite part of the service was connecting with the tutors for help with math. During her time in the program, she also connected with us over the phone, through chat, and by email. Anneliese told us, “CAA helped me have a better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses in terms of my character and work ethic.”   Anneliese is from a military family, which has enabled her to live in many different parts of the world. She attended four different high schools and grew up partially in Germany. Looking back, she says she would not change her experience. Anneliese insists that her journey so far has made her a stronger person and strengthened her faith. Through it all, her parents have been her support and her example. She tells us that they have always been there for her.   While in high school, she accomplished a lot! Her community service projects through the Leo Club were especially important to her. The club met every Wednesday and worked on different projects to benefit the community. She was also a camera operator for a local television studio. She used her skills to film sporting events and helped with media at her church as well. Anneliese was also involved with Fellowship of Christian Athletes and National Honor Society in high school.   One of her proudest accomplishments was being named Female Student of the Year at her high school, based on nominations from teachers and fellow students. She was honored on stage at graduation, and her name will be listed in her high school’s records. This was amazing to her, and her parents were especially proud, because she didn’t attend the high school all four years.   In the fall she will be attending Liberty University. She was drawn to the school because she wanted to be part of a Christian community. Anneliese initially discovered the school from an email. This encouraged her to visit the school to see it for herself, and while there, the Blue Ridge Mountains reminded her of her time in Germany. She hopes her college years at Liberty will give her a chance to have a new start, stay in one place for four years, and rejuvenate her faith.   She plans to major in nursing and become a pediatric nurse. It was through CAA resources and conversations with her mother that she came to the realization that she wanted to be a nurse. During some time she spent in the hospital her senior year, she was able to have many conversations with the nurses assisting her. She enjoys working with people and wants to make a difference through her work.   Anneliese is someone who doesn’t give up. She does her best to put others first and share her faith with others. Philippians 4:13 is her favorite Bible verse and echoes the importance of her faith. We wish Anneliese all the best as she begins her college career!