CAA Announces Fourth Prize Scholarship Winner

Alison Hopper picture 070816

College Admissions Assistance is proud to announce the Fourth Prize Winner of our scholarship contest. Alison Hopper entered the annual survey contest that CAA holds for graduating seniors in the program. Each year CAA takes a survey to find out how we can improve the program for clients. Through the participation of students like Alison, CAA receives feedback that will benefit future clients. She was one of the many students who found the program helpful during their high school years.   Alison told CAA that our regular email reminders were very helpful in the college admissions process. They helped to keep her on track throughout her time with CAA. She credits those emails and the CAA website with helping her to better manage her time as she applied to colleges. She also used the tutoring services to help with her science classes, and she especially needed some additional help with her challenging AP Physics class. She said that, “Those tutoring moments prepared me for the placement tests for college!”   In the fall, she will be attending the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. She plans to major in animal sciences as she pursues a career as a veterinarian. She tells CAA that her mother is such an inspiration to her. According to Alison, her mom was very pleased when she received the acceptance letter from the school. After telling Alison over and over again that she could do it, her mother was happy to see the proof that her daughter’s hard work had paid off.   Before she decided to attend UIUC, Alison visited there. Even though it was raining that day, she says she walked around the campus and “saw everything.” Alison was impressed with the diversity of the school, and they had the academic program she wanted. Though she applied to fifteen colleges and was accepted to more than half of those, she chose to attend the University of Illinois because of its great reputation. She is excited about living on-campus her first year and plans to participate in many clubs. She also plans to get an on-campus job through the Federal Work-Study program.   In high school, she was involved in many activities. While she enjoyed her time in the art club, the French club and the chess club, her favorite was the anime club. She loves watching anime, especially ones that combine action and comedy. Though she was involved in many things, her favorite part of high school was hanging out with all her friends. In her free time, she likes to listen to K-Pop and color in her mandala book. These hobbies help her to have fun and relax. CAA knows that she will have a great time at college and continue to be a success. Congrats to Alison for being the fourth place scholarship winner!