College Admissions Assistance is proud to announce our 2018 Senior Survey scholarship winners over the next few weeks. Each year our students are invited to participate in a survey about the CAA services. This enables us to poll the outgoing senior class about what they thought about their time with CAA. Then, we offer a scholarship to five participating students based on a random draw.

This week we announce our fourth prize winner, Victor Bonilla! He was selected as our $500 winner for the 2018 graduating class. Victor is a hard-working person who has balanced his schoolwork with working a job. He preferred communicating with the coaches over email and benefited from our essay review.

Victor is still figuring out his ultimate career goal but is considering studying to become an engineer or geologist. He plans to start this fall at Westminster College in Utah. Even though Westminster is a private school, with the financial aid they offered him, they turned out to be more affordable than his public school option. He ultimately chose this school because he will be able to get more personal attention from his professors due to the small size of the school.

A small student body is important to Victor because he developed a great relationship with one of the teachers at his high school. His science teacher fostered his interest in both chemistry and geology. He was able to take classes from this particular teacher for three of his four years of high school. That teacher/student relationship was important in helping him discover his possible career path. 

Victor will be the first in his family to attend college. He told us that he feels really lucky to be able to pursue his education. His parents are proud of him for getting into college and earning a scholarship from Westminster. He can also admit he is proud of himself since he is able to balance work and school responsibilities. CAA wishes Victor the best of luck as he begins college in a few weeks!