CAA Announces Our Grand Prize Scholarship Winner

Christian Herrera picture 080516

Christian Herrera is CAA’s Grand Prize Scholarship winner for 2016. As the winner, he will receive a $1,500 scholarship from College Admissions Assistance. He participated in our annual survey of our graduating seniors, which asks about their experience with the service. Christian said, “CAA was always there for me when I had any question. Whether it was about high school, college, or life after college, they were always more than willing to help.” He also used the test prep material for the SAT, which he said was particularly helpful to him.   Christian will attend Arizona State University in the fall. While he lives close to the campus, he will be living in the dorms for his first year. He plans to major in Computer Science at the Tempe campus. Christian told us he chose Arizona State for several reasons but especially because he wanted to stay in state and really liked the size of the school, which has a student population of more than 48,000. He went to a large high school and wanted to attend a bigger school for college as well.   He is also passionate about music, especially guitar, and may want to pursue it as a career. His interest in the guitar began when his brother was given one as a gift but ended up not using it. Christian picked it up and learned to play by watching Youtube videos. The first song he learned to play was “Come As You Are” by Nirvana. As a self-taught guitar player, it was only later that he began to learn music theory and even write his own songs! He has played guitar for churches and a Hispanic band. Christian stated that playing music gives him a good feeling, and he is “always working on it in his free time.” He even currently has a job working at a music store.   During his senior year of high school he was involved with the Percussion Ensemble at his school. He played guitar with them for competitions and loved traveling all over the country with the group. Most recently, they competed in the Winter Guard International (WGI) Percussion Championship in Dayton, Ohio, where they earned second place.   Christian is excited about starting college in the fall. There are many unknowns starting this new chapter, and he is ready to learn more. He would advise younger students to keep their grades up, even early in high school. He said for him that his grades made a big difference in his financial aid. He would encourage current high schools students to not “slack off” with their academics because it may be beneficial later.   Christian describes himself as very adventurous and always looking for what is next. College Admissions Assistance wishes him well as he begins this journey through college. No matter his ultimate career, we know he will be a success.