CAA Announces Our Third-Place Scholarship Winner

William Adderly 071516

William Adderly is the third-place winner for our annual senior scholarship survey contest! He will receive $500 toward his college education. William is an impressive student who has shown great persistence throughout his high school career. He will be attending the University of Central Florida in the fall to major in hospitality management. His goal is to one day work in the hospitality industry and possibly run a hotel. He chose UCF because their hospitality management program is one of the highest-ranked ones in the country.   It was through his connection with CAA that he came to discover his career goal. At one point he wanted to be a talent agent, but it was through a conversation with a coach that he discovered the option to work in the hospitality industry. This was one of the ways that William found CAA helpful. He said, “I enjoyed that I could just call and ask questions, especially when I had questions about jobs and getting into schools.” William also highlighted his use of the ACT study material and all the tools that especially helped with math. He did a great job of making the most of his time in the CAA program.   William was also part of his high school’s IB Program. He has taken the exams but at the time of writing, he was still awaiting his scores. William explained that he persevered through all of the challenges and was happy that he participated in IB. He credits the IB Program with helping him learn how to study.   He was involved in other activities through his high school as well. He played soccer, ran track, and helped organize a talent show to raise money for charity. He is most proud of his participation in the orchestra, where he played the violin. He was very invested in his high school and feels he made a positive difference. He enjoyed getting to meet new people and grow in his friendships.   William has not been alone through this. His mother and father have been a great support to him as he grew up. He told us that his sister was his hero. She was a flight attendant on United 93 on September 11, 2001. He said, “I would have been a nervous wreck, but she fought back.” She is his hero because she died trying to help others. He was just four years old when she died, but his sister’s legacy has had a big impact on him.   William describes himself as loquacious, sensitive, caring and intelligent. His favorite quote is from Albert Einstein, who describes insanity as, “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” For William, this pertains to everything in life. His interpretation of the quote is that it means being mature requires learning from your mistakes and the mistakes of others. We believe that William has been and will continue to be a success. Way to go, William. We know you’ll continue to make a difference everywhere you go!