The coaches at College Admissions Assistance are happy to announce our $2,000 first prize scholarship winner for the 2019 graduating class! Sokhna Fall is hard-working student and has been a member of CAA for three years. Her effort is so impressive, having applied to 14 schools and using our program to its fullest! She will be attending Howard University in the fall. In college she plans to pursue a bachelor’s degree in criminology and minor in broadcast journalism. In the future, she wants to either pursue a career in law or journalism.  

While in the program, Sokhna did a great job using the different services CAA provides. She connected with the coaching team over the phone and through email. She appreciated our help, specifically with document reviews, since it helped to lower the stress of her senior year. The college lists were also helpful as she considered her options.

In high school, she was involved in many sports. She enjoyed being part of the gymnastics team, cross-country team, track team, and the volleyball team. She was also able to be part of the Since Parkland project where she was able to use her writing skills. Sokhna is a talented writer and loves to read.  

Sokhna is very excited to start college at Howard. When she visited the school she noticed how it really felt like a family. The legacy of Howard inspires her to make the most of her education. She looks forward to gaining independence and being around intelligent people who can push her to be better.

Looking back on her high school time she can see her transformation. Sokhna acknowledges that she has changed a lot from her freshman year. Her parents are very proud of her hard work and dedication throughout high school.

Sokhna encourages younger students to set goals early and bethinking about how to plan high school classes. She started early on her resume and made it a point to build up her activities. Her effort and drive is inspiring! The coaches at College Admissions Assistance know she will succeed in her college journey and on to her career.


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