Each year CAA gives a scholarship to one of our clients to honor the memory of Judy Simpson. Judy was one of the first employees of College Admissions Assistance, but lost her battle with cancer a few years ago. She was passionate about helping students and wanted to do her part to help fight for students to attend college so they could succeed. She was a team player and helped to build what CAA has become. Based on her hard work and her memory, we want to give $1,500 to a student who has also worked hard and used the CAA services to help them succeed.

This year, we are proud to announce that Kristen Bradley is the winner of this scholarship. He has shown a resilience to meet his goals, even in the face of obstacles. Kristen’s college of choice is Kennesaw State University, where he plans to pursue architecture. He was able to visit the campus on a number of occasions and told us that it really feels like home. He is excited to start in a few months.

Kristen worked hard to have academic success in high school and will do the same in college. He was also involved in other areas outside of class. He was a member of National Honor Society, he ran track as well as Cross Country, and volunteered outside of school. He even took mission trips to Guatemala with his church to help others in need.

Kristen used the CAA coaches to navigate through taking the SAT and ACT in pursuit of his college goal. This meant strategizing with the coaches on this topic and using our study material to help him improve his scores. Through studying on our site, he was able to raise his score to what he needed for admission. He put in the effort and was able to see the results.

We also assisted him as he appealed the admissions office to get into the school as well as his major of choice. This was a back and forth process where we were able to support Kristen and his family through the ups and downs. We helped Kristen have back-up plans with other colleges, just in case Kennesaw State was not the final choice. He said that CAA helped him to stay on track, stay focused, and work toward getting into school. Ultimately, it was a success and he is on his path toward his college degree at his top-choice college!

At CAA we believe that Kristen is making a difference his community and will do the same throughout his time at college. Kristen’s determination and hard work is commendable. He encourages younger students to make sure they study hard as they prepare for college and be sure to start early in the process. The coaches at College Admissions Assistance think he is well on his way to a successful future!