We are proud to announce our next scholarship winner! Nneka Iyegbu is the First Prize winner for the 2020 senior survey scholarship contest. She earned a $250 scholarship. Nneka is from Texas and will attend the University of Texas at Austin. This was her first-choice college and she is excited to begin school soon.

She let us know that she appreciated College Admissions Assistance checking up with her on her college journey as well as providing help with SAT/ACT prep, financial aid counseling, and college planning. She said she found these three parts of our service the most helpful because they helped her consider which college she should attend.

Nneka was able to visit UT Austin last Fall and loved the large size of the campus. She was looking for a school that would challenge her to come out of her comfort zone and grow as a person. Nneka plans to major in Biology on her way to medical school to become a Pediatrician. She has always wanted to go into the medical field and found that she really enjoys working with children. She volunteered at her elementary school while she was in high school and found it very rewarding.

In high school Nneka was involved in several activities. She was part of Student Council for all four years of high school. A friend invited her to try it out and she fell in love with it. She was also a member of the Interact Club and National Honor Society. She considers herself to be a person who likes to help others. Nneka’s activities and career goals really show this to be true. She is compassionate, empathetic, and driven.

Nneka’s best friend always says, “Better things are coming.” This is a saying that gives her encouragement and spurs her on to keep going. We are cheering Nneka on as she strives for better things in her own life through education. Way to go Nneka!



Being a coach gives me the chance to experience the joy of helping people often!