By Coach Lindsey

Photo of Kristine CAA 102215

College Admissions Assistance (CAA) has a team of coaches working with students from across the country every day. Since we all bring something slightly different to the table, we wanted to shine a light on one of our coaches every few months to help you get to know our team better. Our first spotlight will be shining down on Coach Kristine, who has worked with CAA students for four years.   Kristine found a passion for helping students find their best path while receiving her bachelor’s degree in elementary education and working as an academic peer adviser at Oral Roberts University. Even though Kristine is a University of Oklahoma Boomer Sooner fanatic, she chose to attend Oral Roberts because of their full-tuition scholarship offer, which “sealed the deal” for her. She said that she has always been interested in working with children, and she found a career that fit her pursuit at CAA.   “As a kid, I would pretend to have different careers and act them out, like being a cashier and a waitress,” she said. “I wrote lessons on my chalkboard and pretended to be a teacher, which won out over the rest!”   In her spare time, Kristine is definitely a busy bee! While in high school, Kristine regularly volunteered at nursing homes, participated in National Honors Society, and was part of her school’s community service club. When volunteering, she found that the elderly are a great joy to be around and have great stories to tell. These days, she plays the guitar, mentors a 12-year-old girl, takes Mandarin Chinese lessons, and travels as much as possible. In fact, she has travelled to China four times, and she would like to visit South Korea because of her strong interest in East Asian cultures. However, she’s willing to expand on that interest for the sake of education.   “I love traveling, and there are so many places I would love to go!” she explained. “My top choice would be Italy because it is such a beautiful country with so much history.”   CAA believes Kristine is a great asset to the team, and everyone enjoys the insight she brings to the company. One of her main job functions is to make sure that the coaching team is always up-to-date on the latest career trends. She said that one of her favorite parts of being a CAA coach is helping students find their best fit careers, and who better than her?   In college, Kristine really enjoyed the academic challenges and having a sense of community. Much like today, she also enjoyed meeting new people, having independence, and gaining everlasting memories. So, before we turn down the spotlight on Kristine, I’ll leave you with a piece of advice she has for the college-bound student:   “You can receive a good education at almost any college. It’s important to find a school that you can afford, that has your major, and that has an atmosphere that you will enjoy.”   Keep checking back for more CAA coach spotlights!