College Admissions Assistance is proud to tell you about the fourth place prize winner of our scholarship this year. D'Artagnan Rullan is from Tennessee and has committed to attend the Tennessee Tech University. He will receive $500 as one of our lucky winners for his participation in our class of 2019 senior survey. In college he will pursue a bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering on his way to becoming an Anesthesiologist.  

He selected Tennessee Tech based on his visit to the school. While the tour was very nice, he was struck by getting a letter from his tour guide a few days after the visit. Tennessee Tech seemed really student oriented and showed that they really cared. This gesture made an impact on his decision and he is very excited to start! He is ready to come into his own as an adult by making his own decisions and learning to fend for himself. Through his college research using CAA’s tools, he found out he had several options to pursue his goals. D’Artagnan mentioned that the college profiles where like having an “extra eye” to learn more about his colleges.

In high school, D’Artagnan was involved in multiple clubs. They included HOSA, DECA, robotics, Spanish Honors, and Archery, where he was a team captain. He really enjoyed the variety his high school offered with clubs and different classes. D’Artagnan felt like it gave him chances to explore possible career options and learn more about his side interests in his life.  

D’Artagnan’s parents are very proud of how he has matured over the years. Over and over he has proven to be trustworthy and responsible. His parents also believe in the power of a college education. His father earned a degree in electrical engineering and his mother is currently pursuing her own degree in the engineering field!

He credits College Admissions Assistance for helping sort through the career options too. Our Career Assessment allowed him to explore different areas of his aptitudes and see what options were available. D’Artagnan’s conversations with his grandfather about being a surgeon and the effort he put in to become a certified nursing assistant also influenced him. All of these things helped confirm his career aspirations.

D’Artagnan loves to read and to cook. His creativity, drive, and persistence will serve him well as he continues his educational journey. He has risen to each challenge so far. We wish him the best as he starts college this fall!  


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