CAA Helps You Wrap Up the School Year

By: Coach Lindsey   The last day of my senior year was a rollercoaster of emotions. I was sad to be splitting from the friends I had created over the past four years, but excited for what was to come. To celebrate, I remember all of us gathering in our beaten-down cars and driving to our favorite after-school restaurant to reminisce and plan for graduation ceremonies.   Regardless of your class level, CAA believes that every school year should end on a positive note, and we encourage you to set some goals for the summer as well as the next school year.



Rising Freshmen While you likely do not have an extensive list of colleges at this point, you should have at least a few career choices in mind. Research your career choices over the summer; clients can contact CAA with their questions or use the career research tools available in their accounts. Your main goals for 9th grade should be to know what classes you want to take before you graduate high school and to speak with the high school guidance counselor during freshman orientation or your first week of classes when schedules can still be rearranged.   Rising Sophomores By the end of your freshman year, you should have a fairly extensive list of colleges you are interested in attending that offer the major you are most interested in studying. CAA suggests that you understand the admissions requirements at the schools you’re most interested in attending and set a goal to maintain or improve your GPA during the next school year. You should also consider taking one or two advanced classes your sophomore year. Over the summer, your goal should be to visit one or two colleges from your list, especially if they are in your local area.   Rising Juniors Hopefully, you were able to take a couple of advanced classes your sophomore year. If not, CAA advises that you take at least two advanced courses during your junior year because your goal before high school graduation should be to have at least four advanced classes on your transcript. Colleges want to see that you challenged yourself in high school and can handle college-level work. At this point, your college list should be narrowing down to those that are the best fit for you, and you should have a solid career choice in mind to help you determine your college major. Over the summer, you should visit some colleges, continue to be active in your community organizations, and start preparing for the PSAT in October.   Rising Seniors Are you ready to apply to college in the fall? This should be your main focus over the summer, as well as college visits and participation in summer programs, a part-time job, or volunteering. Rising seniors should have a final list of colleges that they will apply to in the fall. You should know the admissions requirements and understand the application process for each school on that list. If an essay is required with your applications, this is something to begin working on over the summer as well. Your goal for senior year is to complete your applications by November and begin working on financial aid applications in the winter.   Rising College Freshmen Congrats! You’re finished with high school! CAA understands that you may be a little intimidated about starting college, so we encourage all of our clients to contact us to discuss that transition. All incoming college freshmen should have a time set to attend orientation or to meet with an advisor to discuss your four-year plan. Make sure your financial aid is finalized and your enrollment is confirmed. Your main goal for college is to have a plan to graduate in four years; you should know exactly what you need to do to accomplish this at the beginning of your freshman year in college. Talk to your advisor every semester!   CAA encourages you all to be productive and work hard, but to also enjoy your time outside of the classroom! Have a great summer!!

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P.S. Rising college freshmen, look for a blog in the next couple of weeks that will discuss how you can fully prepare for college.