Facundo Moreno is the second prize winner of our survey scholarship this year. He is attending Seton Hall University this fall to major in Biology on a pre-med track. He is also considering a minor in Spanish as he makes his way to medical school, where his ultimate goal is to become a Neurologist. Seton Hall was the right fit because of their Biology program and the scholarship they provided. He will receive $1,500 for his participation in our graduating senior survey.

He has known for a couple years that he wanted to pursue a career in medicine. Facundo learned a lot in his Anatomy and Exercise Science classes. This paved the way for him to job shadow a surgeon with a connection from his teacher. Facundo enjoyed that job shadowing experience and it was a formative moment for him. He now has a career plan, and Seton Hall is the next step.

He credits College Admissions Assistance for helping with prepping for the SAT and with our admissions essay review. The application essay review was particularly helpful to Facundo. He wrote in the survey that “they helped me cut words, make it flow smoother and overall make it a better work of art. I believe my essay was the most impactful thing that made colleges to accept me. ”He also mentioned that our resources provided insight as he researched his college options.

In high school, Facundo was a peer leader. In this role he mentored younger students at his high school, and organized events for them as well as assisting them with study skills. The highlight of his high school experience was being part of the volleyball team. This is a sport he plans to continue in college. He also participated in several track events and was involved in his youth group at church.  

Facundo has accomplished a lot and showed great effort in his high school experience. CAA wishes him the best of luck as he pursues his dream of becoming a doctor. Keep up the good work!


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