CAA's First Place Scholarship Winner Attending Stephen F. Austin State University this Fall

July 24, 2015 – By Coach Lindsey

Alexis Coy - Picture 072415

For the past eight years, College Admissions Assistance, LLC (CAA) has awarded five lucky seniors a scholarship prize. Alexis Coy of Round Rock, Texas won this year’s first place scholarship of $1,000 to help pay for her freshman year college expenses. During a phone interview, Alexis told me she is the first in her family to attend college.   At a young age, Alexis decided that working in law enforcement was her dream career. This summer she will participate in a police training academy and a state competition for the academy. Eventually, she wants to become a special victims detective but understands that she should earn her bachelor’s degree to reach her goals.   “I knew that in the long run it will be better money if I earn a degree,” she said. “Having a degree also means higher pay, and I’ll be promoted quicker.”   She will start working on her degree in psychology at Stephen F. Austin State University (SFA) this fall but hasn’t yet seen the campus. Alexis told me that she has a strong emotional tie to the school and didn’t feel it was necessary for her to visit before she made her final decision. While it’s usually best to visit the campus, two close mentors of Alexis’s are alumni of SFA and have prepared her for life on the college’s campus.   “My sergeant from Round Rock Police Department is my biggest inspiration,” she explained. “He is the person I have turned to when I needed advice about SFA. My teacher at the Health and Science Academy also went to SFA.”   SFA is located in Nacogdoches, TX, which is a small, rural town about 160 miles southeast of Dallas, TX. Alexis told me being in a small town was very appealing to her, as were the small class sizes at SFA. Along with the advice from her sergeant and teacher, Alexis said that CAA helped her make her final college decision.   “CAA had all of these questionnaires to fill out making sure I was on the right track,” she explained. “It always showed that SFA was in the green, which meant it was a good fit for me.”   When I first called to speak with Alexis, her father answered and explained she was working yet another double as a hostess at Chili’s restaurant. During my interview with her, she said that she has been working a lot of double shifts to help save for college. Alexis said that while she is excited for the change that comes with college, she is still concerned about financing it.   “I can generally handle a lot all at once, so working while going to school won’t be a problem,” she explained. “Every cent counts.”   Many of Alexis’s activities have kept her apart from her family, “always running in and out of the house,” she said. But, as Alexis explained, she was always able to help out at home, especially when her father and mother had injuries that kept them from working. Along with her hosting job at Chili’s, she would help her uncle at YMCA and her mother with household chores.   “It has really just been about balancing my time and obligations,” she explained. “I’m going to miss my family because we are all really close.”   Alexis will also miss her friends from Stony Point High School and plans to stay busy with school and work. She would like to work in the dorms as a front desk assistant at SFA and possibly work for the campus or the Nacogdoches Police Department. She told me that her advice to anyone planning for college is to ask a lot of questions and to apply to as many scholarships as possible. Alexis said she would recommend the CAA program to other high school students who want to attend college.   “CAA helped me in just about every aspect of applying and preparing for college, like choosing the right college,” she said. “CAA is very helpful, especially for someone like me who didn’t have family members who knew what to do.”   All of the CAA Coaches hope you have a great time at SFA, Alexis!