CAA's Fourth Place Scholarship Winner, Joshua Scovern, Awarded $250

July 2, 2015 – By Coach Lindsey  

Joshua Scovern - Picture 070215

College Admissions Assistance, LLC (CAA) announced in early June the five winners of their eighth annual senior class scholarship contest. Joshua Scovern of Raleigh, North Carolina won $250 to help pay for his college expenses. I spoke with Joshua about his career and college plans and learned that he has a variety of interests and talents.   One of Joshua’s many accomplishments is also his passion and career goal: music. Joshua has mastered several instruments including the saxophone, clarinet, and the guitar. He also admits that he can sing “metal vocals,” which are vocals sung to heavy metal music. At his private school, North Raleigh Christian Academy, Joshua participated in everything music-related, which took up most of his spare time. He also participated in a few professional jazz bands.   “The main band I play in is called the Casablanca Orchestra,” he said. “I once played for Wynton Marsalis’s band, which was a great honor.”   Ultimately, Joshua would like to travel the world playing his music like his band director, LeRoy Barley, who is one of his mentors and biggest inspirations. Joshua said that his goal may seem far-fetched to some, but he has many people in his life to help him better understand how to reach it.   Joshua, who is a first-generation college student, will attend Elon University this fall and study music production and recording arts. He said he chose his major based on advice from CAA and his part-time job of running a music studio out of his house for a large company.   “I always knew I would do something with music,” he explained. “CAA helped me narrow down my major, and I wanted that major to help me with my job as well as my craft.”   Just like in high school, Joshua will be submerged in all things music at Elon. One of his soon-to-be professors, Jon Metzger, whom he met on a college visit, is internationally known. In fact, while on his senior trip Joshua met a guitarist in Florence, Italy who knew Metzger. Joshua explained that he wasn’t always able to participate in activities that involved travelling because of financial restraints, but his perseverance and dedication allowed him the opportunity to travel to Europe with his senior class.   “Starting my freshman year, I had to raise $4,000 in order to go on the senior trip,” he explained. “I was able to fund my whole trip by selling oranges and poinsettias.”   Another talent of Joshua’s is building computers. He started his own business that competes with large companies like Dell. He says this hobby will help him earn money to support his music career.     This summer, Joshua will be an adult leader for a Boy Scout group that is hiking for two weeks in the Appalachian Mountains. He said Elon’s beautiful campus spoke to the Eagle Scout in him, which helped to finalize his choice to attend, but he confessed that CAA introduced him to the school first.   “I found out about Elon after searching the specific majors on CAA’s website,” he explained. “My band director was really excited when I told him I was interested in Elon, and he brought me to meet some professors.”   Elon not only had the right major and atmosphere for Joshua but also the right financial aid package and structure he was looking for. Joshua told me that CAA was a great help to him, and he would definitely recommend the program.   “CAA really streamlined the process so that it wasn’t overwhelming. Talking with the coaches helped because they showed me how to take things step-by-step,” Joshua said.   All the coaches at CAA wish Joshua the best at Elon and in the future!