It can pay to have a resume that stands out from the crowd. Working abroad offers an amazing opportunity to not only build your resume, but also enrich your life through traveling, experiencing other cultures, and networking with people across the world! If traveling appeals to you, we recommend that you consider working abroad at the beginning of your career before you have an established career at home which would make it more difficult to uproot your life.


According to Forbes, working abroad will encourage you to adapt to another culture and language, give you a better opportunity to quickly advance to a higher position, and help you to expand your network globally. As you learn to connect and work with people abroad, you will find that some cultures require a different approach than your native one. You will have to adapt to new customs and develop your language skills. Employers appreciate this kind of flexibility, and being bilingual definitely has advantages. Your skills might be needed to develop strategies for growing new markets or expanding to other countries.


In addition, the job market in U.S. cities is very competitive. In some foreign countries, you will have a better chance of getting the job you want or moving up the ladder rapidly. Working abroad also opens the door to a network of global contacts that you would not have access to if you stayed in the States. Companies looking to expand globally will want someone with those contacts, and your cultural experiences will make you more appealing as well.


According to, there are many job options you should consider, and your English language skills can come in handy. Teaching English is the obvious choice, and there are many countries with opportunities in this area. Some countries do require a bachelor’s degree. Also, along with the obvious need for interpreters and translators, there is a demand for fluent English speakers in many fields:


A degree in communications can be put to good use by companies around the world wanting to incorporate social media into their PR and marketing strategy.


With a nursing or medical degree, you can work in a variety of locations. Look into humanitarian options as well as foreign hospitals or clinics.


Marketing, human resources, and finance are good fields to look into for those with a business degree. Just keep in mind that in big cities known for their business opportunities, positions in these areas are very competitive.


A computer science degree is also very useful. If you can build websites or create applications, you can find opportunities in all kinds of companies. The more creative and skilled you are, the better your chances of winning in the competitive field of technology. If you can work from your laptop as a writer, graphic designer, web developer, or business owner, you can live almost anywhere you choose.


You should also consider the tourism or hospitality industries. Many people are needed for guiding tourists, creating marketing materials, and contacting clients. Also, working with tourists at a hotel or restaurant is a great way to meet people who could be future business contacts.


Consider ways to get your foot in the door. Temping isn’t glamorous, but it can help you make contacts in all types of industries and lead to a permanent job. Also, starting with an international internship can give you the experience necessary to land a job working abroad. Some countries even allow young people to apply for working holiday visas or other temporary work visas that make it easy to get started working there.


Feel free to contact your CAA coaches if you have any questions about your career options. We’re here to help!