College Admissions Assistance 4th Prize Scholarship Winner is Hoa Luu

Hoa Luu (4th Place Survey) 070717

College Admissions Assistance is proud to tell you about the fourth prize winner of our scholarship this year. Hoa Luu is from Texas and has committed to attend the University of Houston this fall. He will receive $500 as one of our lucky winners for his participation in our graduating senior survey. This summer he is focusing on getting prepared for the move to college and working at Walmart as a pharmacy tech. He wants to attend pharmacy school after college to become a pharmacist.   He chose the University of Houston for college since it is close to home and had his major. Through his college research using CAA’s tools, he found out he had several options. He likes that the University of Houston has an urban feel since he prefers the city over a small town. His first year, he will live at home and commute the half hour to get to class.   In high school, Hoa was involved in National Honor Society and the National English Society. He is a big sports fan as well. He cheers for the NFL New Orleans Saints and the NBA Washington Wizards.   Hoa’s parents have been a support to him and taught him many things. They have worked hard so that he could get through high school. He will be the first in his family to attend college. He even was able to finish high school through a special program where he earned his associate’s degree!   Hoa credits College Admissions Assistance for helping to organize his focus in the college admissions process. He found the checklist very helpful for him to make sure he was on track. He also enjoyed using the career resources to learn more about himself and confirm his career choice. Hoa appreciated our help with reviewing one of his scholarship essays as well.   Hoa is a smart, funny and laid-back guy who has been a success so far through his hard work. His favorite quote is, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” This is very fitting for this impressive young man. We wish Hoa the best of luck as he takes another step in his journey at University of Houston.