College Admissions Assistance Announces Norrel Thomas as Third Prize Winner

Norrel Thomas (3rd Place Survey Winner 072117)

Norrel Thomas is one of our CAA students who loves to learn and it shows. We are proud to announce him as the third prize winner of our scholarship contest for $1,000. Norrel plans to attend the University of Central Florida in the fall and major in mechanical engineering. Remember his name because you may hear about one of his inventions someday in the future. His education at UCF will help him to make that dream a reality.   He said that he would not have been able to make it this far on his own. Norrel is so appreciative of his mother, who has been such a support to him through the years. He said that whenever he gets down, she keeps him up and tells him things will be better soon. Norrel wants to thank his mother for being a great role model for him and for consistently having his back.   Norrel has had an interest in the STEM field for a long time. He works on designs and loves to draw out ideas for inventions. He was even part of a special program at NASA called HUNCH where he was able to use problem solving skills. NASA gave the different groups problems to solve associated with space exploration.   In addition to math and science, Norrel has an interest in music. He has an electric piano in his room and plays piano at his church sometimes. He is interested in learning more about music theory and considers it one of his hobbies.   Norrel appreciates College Admissions Assistance for help with his SAT preparation. He was able to raise his score several points by being dedicated to preparing for the test. CAA was able to help with essays and his application for college. He would advise younger CAA students to make sure they complete the FAFSA on time and be active in their school.   CAA wants to congratulate Norrel for all his efforts to get into college. We know that he will be a success since he is so ambitious and has a desire for learning. In college, he will learn a lot through the classes and be an asset on campus. Way to go Norrel!