College Admissions Assistance Awards Second Prize Scholarship to New York Resident, Keyarie House

Keyarie House was announced as College Admissions Assistance’s (CAA) $750 Second-Prize Winner in its Class of 2013 Scholarship. For the past six years CAA has randomly selected participants who complete a senior survey to win scholarship money as a way to assist them with their upcoming freshman year in college. Planning to attend Buffalo State College in the fall, Keyarie says she is excited about getting involved with many of the various clubs and organizations around campus. She says her go-to activities are music and theater, both of which are available at Buffalo State. It comes as no surprise that Keyarie is excited to get involved in these activities, considering they are also what she liked most about her high school experience. “The activities in high school brought the whole school together,” she said. “I’ve participated in theater, sports, swimming, chorus…. I would not change much about high school except for studying for the SATs a little more.” In addition to joining multiple clubs and organizations, Keyarie plans to study biology and minor in psychology. With these majors, she hopes to become a physician assistant and says her back-up career plan is to become a psychologist. Her inspiration for becoming a physician assistant came to her one day in class. “There were always guest speakers in my anatomy and physiology class and one day a physician assistant spoke to my class,” she explained. “I knew after that I wanted to go into this career. I was also able to speak with people who work with my mother at the hospital.” This summer, Keyarie started working to save up for a car because she is planning to commute from home her first year. Keyarie explained that she chose Buffalo State because it is close to home and she felt it was a better financial fit than the other schools where she was accepted. She said she is happy with how everything is turning out at this point and is thankful that CAA helped her throughout the college planning process. “The CAA Program has helped me stay organized,” she said. “CAA has taught me how to set up a timeline to get what I need done on time and to help me stay on track.” Keyarie told CAA that she would advise underclassmen planning for college to do what they can to stay organized and not let the process overwhelm them. CAA is thrilled that Keyarie found success with its program and is prepared to start college in the fall.