September 2, 2016


Reno, NV: College Admissions Assistance (CAA) offers high school students an effective review of their financial aid and college applications.  Students are encouraged to submit all college and scholarship applications, essays, as well as any financial aid documents for our detailed review process.  CAA Coaches review the documents providing feedback, questions, and suggestions to help ensure that students put their best foot forward and that critical details are not overlooked.


CAA has reviewed over 26,000 college application essays, over 9,000 applications, over 10,000 award letters from colleges, and over 4,000 financial aid documents.  This client service has assured families they have provided the best and most accurate information to the colleges and that they have raised the likelihood of enrollment and financial aid.


CAA is a private educational-service company which provides expert college planning help to students and families nationwide. These services would be out of reach for many families, but we have successfully combined technology, a caring team of highly trained college coaches, and years of experience into a program that’s affordable to families in need of our assistance.  For more information, please visit