College Admissions Assistance Second Prize Scholarship Winner is Joshua Farrar

Josh Farrar (2nd Place Survey Winner 080417)

Joshua Farrar is the second prize winner of the College Admissions Assistance survey scholarship this year. He is attending the University of Kansas this fall to major in Biology. Joshua is also considering a double major in Forensic Science, but will decide that after he gets to college. Ultimately, he may work in the medical field or with criminal justice. The University of Kansas was the right fit for him because of its affordability. He will receive $1,500 for his participation in our graduating senior survey.   He credits College Admissions Assistance for helping with timely reminders in the college admissions process and the assessments we provided. Joshua wrote, “Overall, the main thing CAA has helped me is remind[ing] me with emails on what I needed to do next. The assessment tests were a good way to help me see other options of what I would possibly be interested in.” He also mentioned that we helped give insight to different facts associated with his schools.   In high school, Joshua was the president of the drama club, served as the student body treasurer his senior year and was part of the yearbook team. Joshua enjoyed being part of the school newspaper as well because of his love of writing. His favorite was to write on the editorial pages to give his opinion. He also worked as a certified nursing assistant for six months and learned a lot.   Joshua wanted to thank his parents for all the support throughout the years. He has seen their dedication and their hard work that have enabled him to succeed. His parents are proud of him for his consistency throughout his high school experience. Joshua is also thankful for his peers who helped to push him in his classes and meet up for study groups. He knows his success is partly due to those around him.   Joshua describes himself as social, honest and adventurous. His senior quote was, “Once in a while someone amazing comes along…and here I am,” by Tigger from “Winnie the Pooh.” We think Joshua is a pretty great guy, and we wish him the best of luck!