College Application Tips

  If you’re a high school senior, you have probably started the application process. You may have even submitted your applications by now. At College Admissions Assistance, we understand how complicated applying to college can be. For seniors currently applying and those of you who will be sooner than you realize, we’ve come up with a few helpful application tips.   1.     Start early.

So, if you’re a senior and you haven’t figured out where you will apply, act fast! The longer you procrastinate, the harder and more stressful the application process will be. The earlier you start, the earlier you’ll finish. CAA suggests you submit all your applications and the supplemental materials by the end of November.  

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 2.     Write your essays first.

Essays are an important piece of an application. Essays tell the story your application can’t. (Check out our previous blog for essay tips!) Starting with the essay first allows you to get it edited (by CAA or an English teacher), make changes, and get it edited again.   3.     Know your deadlines.

Application deadlines have no exceptions. The earliest deadlines come in October, but most come later. If you miss it, you won’t get another chance to apply.   4.     Don’t do everything at once.

Spread it out! Don’t try to complete everything the day before it’s due. You’ll drive yourself crazy! Every piece of the application is important so you need to set aside time to focus on each. Writing the essay, sending the test scores, filling out the application, it all takes time.  And since different pieces of your application may be submitted at different times, make sure your name reads the same on each piece!   5.     Get it reviewed.

Have CAA, your guidance counselor, a parent, or a friend review your application. This is the best way to be sure you didn’t miss anything or make any mistakes before you submit it to the college.  

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 6.     Relax after you hit submit.

Take a break after you submit your last application. It is your senior year after all! This process is stressful and you’ll need some time to recoup. After submitting all of your applications, do something relaxing to help subdue the anxiety of waiting for a decision.   Yes, applying to college can be complicated but following these tips will help reduce your stress. Your hard work will pay off! Good luck seniors!