Welcome to the New Year! Now is a great time to learn more about all parts of the college admissions process. Your CAA coaching team is here to help. Today we want to offer some advice about standardized testing,specifically the SAT. There are several myths out there and we want you to get the facts straight.

Myth: My high school offers the SAT. They will take care of everything for me.

Fact: No. You should not assume that other people will complete all the steps you need for college. It is important to know about your College Board account. This account allows you access to your scores later and allows you to send your scores as needed. Also, you need to know your College Board account so that you can explore their resources. This means things like SAT tips, college data, and a large scholarship search site.  

Myth: I can only take the SAT when it is offered at my school.

Fact: This is not true at all! You can take SAT at other high schools on official test dates. You have to be proactive to register, but there will most likely be other options in your area for the test. Don’t feel limited by your school.

Partial Myth: I only need to take the SAT once.

Fact: Yes, but you should only take it once if you earned a perfect score. Unless you are out of time, there is no reason to simply take it one time. You will tend to improve the second time you take it just due to the fact that you are more familiar with how the test works. Colleges will usually take your highest test score to determine your admission and merit-aid.

Myth: Studying for the SAT is too hard and time consuming.

Fact: Not at all. How about this – take 45 minutes to study just three times a week. It kind of sounds like an exercise plan, but it can work! This regular studying for the two months or so leading up to the test can make a difference.

Myth: I will just study for the SAT the night before.

Fact: The SAT is unlike a test in your History or English class. It is not an exam that you can cram to take. If it is the night before, we suggest that you make sure to get a good night of sleep. That better serves your outcome on the test.

Myth: I will never be able to know how I did on the SAT.

Fact: Did you know that you can request your previous test to review it? If you plan to take it a few times, and you start early, this can be a beneficial step. It takes time for it to come to you, but it is an option.  

Myth: The SAT is my only option for a college entrance exam.

Fact: Not a chance. The most common alternative to the SAT is the ACT. Both of these are accepted at colleges for college entrance exams.  

Myth: I am alone in all of this.

Fact: Definitely not! As a CAA client you have our resources and the coaching team to help.

Are you still unsure about your testing plan? Contact the coaches and we can help you in this process. We can talk about your situation and help you separate fact from fiction in the college admissions process.



Being a coach gives me the chance to experience the joy of helping people often!