Most summers over the past several years I have been able to visit college campuses. This is one of the ways, as a CAA coach, that I keep my fingers on the pulse of what is going on with colleges. It is so fun to walk on campus, talk to admissions officers, and really see what a college is all about. However, this summer will be different due to the health crisis in our world. Most colleges are foregoing any in-person tours and switching to virtual means to connect. Here are a few ideas for those looking to connect with colleges this summer.

Virtual Tours – Many colleges, ranging from Harvard to the University of Georgia, have virtual tours for prospective students. You can travel all over the country through your own device! You can access each through their admissions page to begin exploring their campus. Be sure to take advantage if they have ways to ask questions.  

Mailing Lists – If you have not done so yet, be sure to sign up for any mailing list through the college’s website. Usually there is a form to fill out that connects directly to the admissions office. This is a way to get information from the school about things that you care about. Mailing lists are one way to let a college know you are interested as well as provide them with your contact information.

Social Media – Colleges are getting better and better at connecting through social media. Do you follow your top colleges on your social media accounts? Are you watching any YouTube videos produced by a college you are considering? These are ways to stay connected not only this summer but as you make your final college selection.

Virtual College Fairs – Be on the lookout for virtual college fairs. This may be a way to connect with several colleges at once, learn more about each, and be able to ask your questions. Instead of having admissions officers travel to your area, this summer and fall they will be doing more virtually to connect.

Hopefully this gives you a few ideas as you think about your summer. Though you may be at home most of the time you can still do the research to help you down the road. Thanks to technology there are several ways to connect and move forward with your college list. Reach out to the CAA coaches if you want to talk about your colleges.



Being a coach gives me the chance to experience the joy of helping people often!