Cornell College

By: Coach Chelsea Cornell College sets the standard for what a small liberal arts college should embody; a well-rounded education, a close knit student body, and a community devoted to the development of creativity and intellectuality of their students. This school lays the foundation for students to succeed by adhering to their mission statement and providing students the opportunity to explore the many facets of life in their own unique way.   One of the ways in which Cornell encourages students to embrace their individuality is by allowing incoming freshmen the opportunity to submit a portfolio during the admissions process, which showcases their talents. This option stands to replace the submission of test scores for the ACT/SAT. Portfolios can exhibit a student’s art, writing, performance, or video-storytelling skills. Allowing students the opportunity to express themselves creatively shows just how much this school values students’ unique qualities.   A unique feature that stands out from other schools is Cornell’s “Block Plan.” This plan allows students the opportunity to take one course at a time, enabling students to focus on a single course for a period of 18 days. This feature promotes flexibility and fosters the close-knit community on campus by allowing students the opportunity to get involved and interact with one another on a more frequent basis, since all courses are out at 3 p.m. There is also a 4 day break between each block, further encouraging interaction between students, or even a mini vacay!   Most colleges offer a variety of options for majors or programs but how many can say that they actually allow students to create their own programs? This unique option not only allows students to customize their education, but encourages students to explore the depths of their interests without limitations. Cornell students do, however, have the opportunity to choose from 35 majors, 28 minors, and 13 pre-professional programs! No matter what a student’s interests are, Cornell is sure to provide students with the necessary resources to discover all that they need to know about that field.   In addition to placing a high focus on academics, this school doesn’t lack in the area of student involvement and extracurricular activities.  Students can get involved in 59 organizations and 19 varsity level sports teams. Even if students choose not to participate in a club or sport directly, it doesn’t mean that they can’t participate in some of the extracurricular functions. A perfect example is the men’s basketball team’s rival with Coe College. Students can show support of their team by purchasing toilet paper at the games and tee-peeing the court. What better way to take pride in your school?   Students interested in a small community of intellectual and creative people may find themselves feeling right at home on Cornell’s campus. You should, however, take time to research all of the other features that make this school so unique. The CAA coaches will be happy to assist you with the research process! With limitless opportunities for students to apply themselves academically and socially, this school provides students with room to grow and experience education on their own terms. No wonder it is a part of the Colleges that Change Lives organization!