Extracurricular Activities: Our Coaching Team

By: Coach Paul   When colleges review prospective students’ applications, they are typically looking for students who will come to their school, succeed academically, and get involved on campus. In addition to making you more attractive to colleges, extracurricular activities can show your interests and earn you real-life experience. At CAA, we encourage our clients to be involved inside and outside of school to help them prepare for college. So what activities will you get involved in?   There are a few routes you can take in this process: 1. Some students get involved heavily in one area and have that as their focus in high school. This can show they are highly invested in one subject matter or area. 2. Others are involved in several activities, balancing those activities with school, friends and family life. 3. Many also take the opportunity to take a leadership role in one or more of their activities. This shows that they are not merely participants but making a difference in the direction of an organization or group.  

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We have coaches at CAA who have taken all three approaches. Here are the top ways our coaches got involved during their high school years:   Sports – We have coaches that participated in track, football, basketball, wrestling, volleyball, swim team, gymnastics, competitive cheer, and hockey. You can find opportunities to be involved in sports both inside and outside of school. Our coaches found sports to be a great way to learn teamwork and demonstrate leadership.   Academic Clubs – Our coaching team members were involved in a long list of clubs in high school. Examples include foreign language clubs (Spanish, Latin, German, French), Honor Societies (NHS, French Honors Society), and other interests (Diversity Club, DECA, Interact, Key Club, Community Service Club). These were key things each coach put down on their college applications to show their involvement at school.   Part-time jobs – Almost all of our coaches had a part-time job during their high school years. Common options included retail establishments, restaurants, internships, and being a camp counselor. Part-time work can show college admissions officers that you are responsible and can work hard.   Student Council – Several members of our coaching team represented their schools as members of student council. We even have one coach who served as the Vice President of her high school class. This is a great way to be involved in decision-making at your school and take on a leadership role.   Arts – This is a very broad term that can cover a variety of activities. Our coaches got involved in things like theater (acting and behind the scenes), church choir, Latin dance, musicals, and color guard. Even if you aren’t planning to pursue a career in the arts, activities like these can let colleges know you have a creative side.   We recommend you have a strategy for choosing your extracurricular activities. As you can see, there is not only one way each person can go. We encourage our clients to think about what they enjoy and get involved accordingly. Coaches are here to talk with you about our own experiences and help you create a plan for your high school years. Contact us if you would like to discuss your options!   Wordcloud created at wordclouds.com.