So, you’re an aspiring artist, designer, photographer, or other creative. Why choose the Fashion Institute of Technology? Because when it comes to Location, Cost, Academics, and Opportunities, this college gets top marks.

Let’s start with location. FIT is located right in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. Students here have the chance to live on a college campus in one of the most exciting, busy, and diverse cities in the world, New York City. Step off campus and you’re mere blocks from such landmarks as the Empire State Building, Madison Square Garden, and Washington Square Park. During your time as an FIT student, you will be able to enjoy all that the city has to offer, both socially and professionally.

That brings us to another area in which FIT shines: opportunities. Simply living in Manhattan offers students experiences and connections they wouldn’t get anywhere else in the world. However, FIT doesn’t expect you to do everything on your own. Their Career and Internship Center offers career and internship fairs, workshops, networking opportunities, and personal assistance to build your resume and jumpstart your career in The City. And the pay-off is clear: average earnings for FIT grads are about $12,500 more per year than the median for all colleges, according to

A mistake non-Fashion Design students often make when looking at FIT is dismissing it based on the name. This is not only a fashion school. FIT offers many excellent programs related to art and design, including such areas as Advertising, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship. They also offer some majors you won’t find just anywhere else, such as Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing, Toy Design, and Menswear.

One defining feature of an FIT education is their 2+2 program. All FIT freshmen start out in a two-year associate’s degree program. After earning their associate’s degree, they have the option of starting their career or continuing on into one of FIT’s bachelor’s programs. This makes it much easier for FIT students to complete at least one degree. It also gives students an easy option for changing their major partway through their education without losing the time and money they put into the first major they chose.

The final area that really makes FIT shine is its cost. If you’ve ever looked into an art school education, you know that the price tag isn’t small! However, unlike most art schools, FIT is a public school, part of the State University of New York (SUNY) system. That means that students from New York get to pay very low in-state tuition rates here. All students pay less for their first couple of years while they are taking associate’s level classes. The average annual cost at FIT is only $12,999. Compare that with average costs at other nearby art schools, such as Parsons the New School of Design ($34,945 per year), Pratt Institute ($40,435 per year), or School of Visual Arts ($41,443 per year), and you’ll see why FIT is a bargain for any student.

Now that you know why FIT should be on your radar, let’s talk about getting in. Admissions here can be competitive, especially to their most sought-after programs, such as Fashion Design. To boost your chances, get an early start! Good candidates for FIT have already developed a basic level of skill in their craft before applying. You should also be sure of what program you want to start in because you can’t apply undecided. FIT is test-optional, so don’t submit your SAT or ACT scores if they’re below average. In general, this college is looking for students who are creative, focused, and passionate about their craft.

Interested? Give your CAA coaches a call today to discuss how FIT might fit into your plans.