Gerly Konzias Named College Admission Assistance's First Prize Scholarship Winner

College Admissions Assistance (CAA) is pleased to announce that first-generation college student Gerly Konziase has won the $1,000 First Prize in its Class of 2013 Scholarship drawing. This is the sixth year CAA has asked its outgoing senior class to complete a senior survey for a chance to win scholarship money. This year there were five scholarships awarded, with the winners chosen at random. Gerly will be attending her first choice school, Georgia Southwestern State University, and said the small and “cozy” environment spoke to her while visiting the campus. “My first choice started as West Georgia,” she said. “That changed after I visited Georgia Southwestern. Also, the tuition was lower compared to the other universities on my list.” After graduating from Georgia Southwestern, Gerly plans to pursue a career as a pharmacist; she will be majoring in biology for her bachelor’s degree in preparation for pharmacy school. She says her career choice was based on her desire to work in the medical field and use math. “I want to interact with patients and better their health,” says Gerly. “It is also a great career that will have many job openings when I finish school.” Gerly has a wide range of interests in addition to the medical field. Some of her favorite hobbies are shopping with friends, fashion design, and drawing. She was very active during high school, participating in Key Club, Healthy Living Club, and her favorite, French Club. She is excited about meeting new friends in college and plans to join clubs such as the African Student Association (ASA) and the Orientation Team (O’Team). The second oldest of five siblings, Gerly would advise high school students preparing for college to be aware of set-backs like “senioritis” and try to not let it get the better of them. She would also recommend them to follow their own path instead of a path laid out by others. Gerly credits CAA with helping her make wise decisions. “I am now a hardworking, independent, and very optimistic student,” she says. “CAA has helped me make decisions, like which college would be the best for me to attend and if pursuing a career in pharmacy is a good idea.” CAA is proud of Gerly’s accomplishments and determination to become a successful pharmacist. We are sure that she will continue achieving the goals she sets for herself.