Go Beyond to Find Your Right-Fit Career

Have you been wondering how to find the right career for you? Finding the right career is a very important decision that will likely impact the rest of your life. Our goal at CAA is to help you find the best-fit career so you can graduate from college in four years with a clear goal in mind, which can save you a lot of money! We want to help you find an enjoyable career that offers opportunities for growth in the future. Interviewing someone in the field you’re interested in is a great way to explore careers. Their expert insight can give you a better understanding about the pros and cons of the career. They can also help you decide if the career involves something you’re not willing to do. For example, some careers require you to travel or work on the weekends, so you might want to switch gears if you hope to keep your weekends free. Be sure to have a list of questions prepared ahead of time so you can get the answers you need.  

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  After you have chosen a career to explore and completed a career interview, it’s time to gain some experience! Consider volunteering, job shadowing, or interning in your chosen field. If you love it, you might have found your career! If you hate it, you know to move on and try something else. Visit your city’s volunteer center, ask your guidance counselor or librarian, or check with local businesses to find what’s available in your immediate area.   Job shadowing is a great option, which allows you to follow a professional for a day. It is like a day-long interview that gives you a firsthand look at a company and the profession. This can help you decide if you are really interested in a certain position or not. Be sure to dress appropriately and do some research on the company ahead of time. The day of, pay attention, ask questions, and know what you want to gain from the experience. Job shadowing will give you a few contacts in the industry as well.  

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  Internships go beyond job shadows and career interviews. Although internships are often unpaid, they give you the opportunity to do the real work and gain on-the-job experience. You will be able to gain knowledge about the industry and apply what you’ve learned with real customers. Internships also give you the job experience required for many entry-level jobs. You could also gain job references, networking opportunities, friends with similar interests, and possibly even a job at the company.   So where do you start? Brainstorm what kinds of careers interest you. Then you can look for local companies in the industry. Try searching online or asking for suggestions from people you know. Contact the organizations you find to see if they have any opportunities. A good time to ask about opportunities for job shadowing or internships is during a career interview or when volunteering. Feel free to contact your CAA Coaches if you have any questions about your career options. We’re here to help!