Happy Thanksgiving, Readers!

We hope you are as excited about the upcoming holidays as we are. It’s a great time to reflect on your first semester and refresh for the next. Here are a few things each grade level can work on:   Eighth graders and freshmen – Finding the right-fit career should be your focus. CAA suggests that you look to your favorite subjects to help generate some ideas. What did you learn this semester that kept you thinking beyond your class hours? Consider careers that use this particular subject and start researching!   Sophomores – Recapping your career choice and researching colleges that offer your major of interest should be top priority. You should also start focusing on how to better challenge yourself in school. Are you involved in activities that interest you and connect with your career? Could you handle more difficult classes? Talk with your guidance counselor about more opportunities to challenge yourself next semester or year. And, when you’ve finalized a few colleges, start discussing campus visits with your parents.   Juniors – Finalize your career and college choices, schedule some campus visits, and start thinking about your SAT and ACT tests. CAA advises all juniors to take both exams before the end of their junior year, so this is the time of year to figure out your test prep game plan. Check out available test prep booklets and speak with your guidance counselor about study programs offered in your area. Clients can use their CAA account to study. Also, know the upcoming testing schedule and plan ahead! Registration deadlines come about a month before the test date and there are no tests during the summer.   Seniors – We know you’ve been busy, so take this time to relax – you may not be able to come home for Thanksgiving next year! CAA suggests you complete and submit applications by the end of November, even if the deadline is in January. This allows you to free up time for family and friends during the holiday season. Senior year is important for so many reasons, so don’t miss out because you procrastinated!   Parents – For underclassmen parents: CAA recommends that you consider campus visits even if your child is only in their freshman year. Campus visits are very helpful to determine the fit for your student and will help you learn more about the college planning process. For senior parents: CAA advises that you prepare for the upcoming financial aid season. FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), the main form you will fill out, becomes available January 1st. You can learn more about government aid here: https://studentaid.ed.gov.   Remember, the work you put in now will pay off down the road, even if you’re only in the eighth grade! Clients should contact CAA with any questions about their next steps. Have a great Thanksgiving!

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