High Demand to Fill STEM Jobs

From space exploration to building machinery, from developing computers to scientific discovery, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields are key to keeping our society innovative and up-to-date. According to U.S. News & World Report, the current demand for workers in STEM fields is much higher than previously estimated. So, if you are a math and science whiz who enjoys innovation and creativity, a career in the growing STEM field may be a great fit for you!   U.S News & World Report also stated that Burning Glass Technologies analyzed millions of job postings and found that there were over 5.7 million job openings in STEM fields in 2013, and about 78 percent required a bachelor’s degree or higher. In addition to greater job opportunity, the STEM fields also provide a better income, about 26 percent higher!   Unfortunately, while demand for STEM jobs is increasing, student interest is declining. Tech companies are now trying to spark student interest by showing them just how challenging and creative these careers can be. According to U.S. News & World Report, one tech company has created an educational program named Ardusat, which allows high school students to use softball-sized satellites called CubeSats to predict solar flares and thunderstorms. These mini-satellites that orbit 100 miles above the Earth’s surface help students apply their academic knowledge to real-life situations.   The need to get students interested in these careers is urgent because the large number of STEM job vacancies could soon create a STEM crisis. The CEO of Junior Achievement USA, Jack E. Kosakowski, said that teens’ interest in pursuing opportunities in STEM careers needs to be reinvigorated. Kosakowski also said, “These fields drive our economy and innovation; they are not only high-growth career paths but also creative outlets where teens can apply their passions." CAA agrees with Kosakowski and believes you can find a fast-growing career that you are passionate about.   For example, engineering would be a great field if you are interested in math and love to innovate and build new things. Civil, biomedical, and petroleum engineering are all fast-growing careers. If you are interested in technology, you should consider becoming an information security analyst or computer systems analyst. These jobs are in demand! And if you love research, geographer and genetic counselor are small career fields, but they’re expanding quickly!   Scholarships are also available for students interested in STEM majors and careers. For example, federal agencies have recognized that there are not enough women in engineering, so they are offering scholarships and more job opportunities for female students. Also, NASA has scholarships and grants available for students interested in astronomy. Check out available summer camps which will allow you to participate in competitions that focus on engineering, math, or science to see if you would be interested in a STEM career.   CAA Coaches recommend that all students research their career choices fully. As always, CAA clients are welcome to contact us with any career questions.