Low Test Scores Have You Down?

Did your student receive lower test scores than what they were hoping for on their SAT and/or ACT? That’s okay!  Tell them to take a deep breath and keep on reading. Applying to college is stressful but when a student has less than average test scores, the task becomes that much more daunting. But did you know that most colleges won’t deny a student solely because of low test scores?  While there are some colleges who put a significant emphasis on test scores, there are others who give equal emphasis to every component of the student’s application, and others that don’t require test scores at all. Holistic application reviews allow applicants to be considered for admission on their academic AND personal achievements.  Each applicant is viewed based on the entire application – essays, short answers, extracurricular activities, volunteer experiences, leadership roles, recommendation letters, and interest shown, in addition to the transcript and test scores.  A holistic review is great for a student who may have trouble testing because their scores are not going to be the deciding factor. To find colleges that review applications using the holistic method, check out the member colleges of the Common Application at www.commonapp.org. This non-profit organization provides a basic, all-inclusive admissions application for over 500 participating schools.  By agreeing to and being a member of the Common Application, a school promises to review each student’s application holistically. In addition to the Common Application member colleges, check out your favorite college websites.  Colleges will post if they perform holistic reviews.  And be sure to check out the colleges that deemphasize the use of required test scores or don’t require them at all at www.fairtest.org. So remember, if your student shines in areas other than test scores, there is hope!