As a CAA coach, I was excited to visit the University of Minnesota. Their main campus is in Minneapolis and right across the river from downtown. Did you know that Minneapolis has sixteen Fortune 500 companies? They include Land O’Lakes, 3M and Target. This makes for unique opportunities and connections for UM students. It was a very large campus, so when you go be sure to look at the signs to not get lost.

When you go on a campus tour, you will begin in Jones Hall. While this is the place to check in, they may take you to the information session in another building. Be sure to get there early!

Also, when you apply at the University of Minnesota you need a major in mind. They review your application based the college that has your major. Be aware that you are able to put down an alternate major choice to apply to an additional college within the university. Since there are 150 majors to choose from, there are lots of options for a prospective student. The College of Science and Engineering is the most competitive of the 7 admitting colleges. The College of Design has the second largest virtual reality studio – second only to Hollywood!

The University of Minnesota has more than just academics. There are more than 800 clubs on campus! Lots and lots of things to get involved in at the school—not to mention 23 Division I sports in the Pac-12. You can really find your place since there are so many options.

While a large state school is not for everyone, there are plenty of students that would fit right in at this school. Talk with your CAA coaches if you are interested in learning more about this school!



Being a coach gives me the chance to experience the joy of helping people often!