My Day at Furman University

By Coach Paul  

Furman University 110416

As a CAA coach, I have had the privilege of visiting numerous colleges. One visit that stands out in my mind was my campus visit to Furman University. While I had thoroughly researched the university beforehand, seeing it for myself completely transformed my view of it. I visited on a July day in 2015 that was partly cloudy with a hint of heat. As I exited the highway for Furman, I noticed I was driving right through the gates and onto the beautiful campus. It was easy to see why it was classified as a Level I arboretum by the Morton Register – there was greenery everywhere!   I parked in the visitor parking and made the short walk to the admissions building. On the way to the building, I even saw the president of the university in the parking lot, proving to me the close-knit nature of the community. Once inside, I was greeted with very friendly people and a nice waiting area. The tour began with a presentation in the next room. The admissions officers gave a short description of Furman and what it is all about and then took questions from those visiting, which led to a good discussion.   After the presentation, we were split into different groups for a walking tour. Along with a handful of other visitors, we made our way around the main part of campus. I was able to see important campus landmarks like the Janie Earl Furman Rose Garden and the Bell Tower next to the lake. Our guide took us through several of the academic buildings and the student center as well.   After the walking portion, the groups moved into small shuttles. They were kind of like long, open-air golf carts. The guide next took us to the outer parts of campus to give us more of a picture of the whole area. They showed us the housing areas and new spaces for environmental sustainability. The shuttle portion also highlighted some of the many opportunities for outdoor activities on campus. They even have the Swamp Rabbit Trail that will get you all the way to downtown Greenville, South Carolina, about six miles away. It would probably be best to have a bicycle for that trip!   While the tour was impressive, the school itself was amazing. Furman is a liberal arts institution that emphasizes undergraduate education. It is the oldest private university in the state and broke ties with the state Baptist convention more than two decades ago. You can still see the religious influence on campus, but it seems like an inclusive place for education.   Another unique part of the Furman experience is the campus life. It is a 100% residential campus, meaning students make it a priority to live in campus housing. Through their Living-Learning Communities and first-year seminars, Furman tries to keep the campus a place focused on education. I took the time to speak with a graduate of the university, and she told me she loved her time on campus.   If you’re looking for a liberal arts college in the southeast, Furman may be one to check out! My visit there really stood out among the several college visits I’ve made over the last few years. It just goes to show that taking the time to visit a college can really make a difference in your impression of it. Go ahead and schedule a visit with your college of choice and let us know how it goes! Your coaching team is here to help as you sort through all of your options.   Photo credit: