Our Suggestions for a Successful Summer

By Coach Sara   Monday, June 20th will be the longest day of 2016, but for most students in the U.S., the long days of summer vacation have already started. Many of you are taking advantage of your free time during vacation to work a summer job, attend summer camps, or put in some extra volunteer hours. One important thing the CAA coaches hope all students do this summer is stay on track with their college planning! Here are some tips from your coaches on how to enjoy your lazy summer days without losing sight of your long-term goals.

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Exercise Your Brain! – Students in the U.S. enjoy one of the longest summer breaks in the world, and one downside of all that time off from school is that it can result in you losing some of the knowledge and skills you worked so hard to learn. Keep your brain working all summer by reading books and news articles, teaching yourself a new skill, or watching educational videos. Rising juniors and seniors who may be taking the PSAT, SAT, or ACT in the fall should start working on their Test Preparation by mid-summer.


Keep Researching Your Options!– The school year can be busy, especially for juniors and seniors. Many students find it easier to devote their full attention to college and career research during the summer when they may not have classes or extracurricular activities to worry about. Now would be a great time to set up a job shadow for your top choice career or tour the campuses of some colleges you like. Rising seniors should also use this time to search for scholarships they can apply for and mark the application deadlines on their calendars.


Build Your Resume!– One complaint we often hear from students is that they are too busy with academics during the school year to get seriously involved in extracurricular activities. Especially for those of you challenging yourselves with advanced-level classes, summer is a great time to build your resume by getting involved outside of the classroom. Whether it’s working a part-time job, doing an internship in your career field, completing a community service project, entering your work in a contest, or attending an academic enrichment program, summer vacation gives you the free time to add something substantial to your resume.


Get Creative! – Many students have creative aspirations or hobbies that they love but rarely have time for during the school year. Are you an artist, a writer, a musician, dancer, filmmaker, or actor? Or would you like to become one? Another way to exercise your brain, build your resume, and try out potential careers is to develop your creative side. Write a story, start a blog, compose a song, upload videos to YouTube, try out for a community theater production, or take up painting! Many colleges offer scholarships to students based on their artistic accomplishments, and some may even allow you to submit creative works as part of your application.

  Now that the final exam frenzy has passed, take some time to sit down and consider your college and career goals. What have you already accomplished? What still needs to be done? Keeping those goals in mind, pick a few options from the list above and set some short-term goals to accomplish by the end of the summer. You’ll thank yourself in August when you’re able to start classes again with a sense of accomplishment and a shorter to-do list for the school year! Need help with your planning? As always, our clients are welcome to call and discuss their options with a coach! PIC CREDIT: https://flic.kr/p/fD4LdV