‘Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them[i].’ Still, most of us have to work for it. Study skills are valuable to every type of student. They can make good students great and great students exceptional.However, it means finding your own strategy and what works for you as an individual. CAA helps our clients learn more about their study habits and how to create a study plan that meets their own needs.

‘To thine own self be true[ii].‘ Learning to study can be like finding a workout routine. Not all of us want to run a marathon or bench press the most weight. It is important to set your own goals and find out how you work best to meet those goals. This means taking stock of what is working in your study life and what is not. There is not only one way to study. Each person is unique and this can be reflected in their study preferences. It is important to find what works best for you.

‘If music be the food of love play on[iii].‘ Some people prefer to study with music in the background because it provides needed noise. Others, like to study in a quiet place free from distractions. Maybe you’re the studier who plays your favorite songs in your room, but you end up paying attention to the music rather than what you’re reading. If you don’t have access to a quiet place, ambient music without words could help to drown out surrounding noises.

‘But, for my own part, it was Greek to me[iv].’ Don’t get lost in something you don’t understand. For some, it helps to have someone explain a concept to them. They may need more audible instruction in order to learn best. Others may need to hand-write out notes and then type them up to learn a concept. If you are stuck you should admit it and try something new.

‘What light through yonder window breaks[v].' To have bright light or dim light, that is the question. Have you considered the brightness of your area when you study? Do you prefer well-lit surroundings, or do you prefer more dim lighting? If you need good lighting to read but always study in a dark place, you won’t focus as well. You may need to change the location of your study area depending on your preference, or you may need to buy a lamp to enhance your current study location.

‘Nothing will come of nothing[vi]. ’If you choose to keep doing things that are not working you will end up in the same place. The CAA coaches are available to discuss your situation and help you have a strategy. We can offer advice as well as talk about what we have learned through our own personal experience. Take the time to set new goals and think about new strategies as they relate to your learning.  


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