Whether you realize it or not, as a high school student you have a constant in your life. For as long as you have been alive, the ABC hit show The Bachelor has been on the air. Your parents may even love the show. But how does this relate to college admissions? How can searching for a college be like one person sorting through a list of possible candidates? How do you determine the winner in your search?

Know the Basics – Each candidate on The Bachelor is introduced with their name, where they are from, and their occupation. At CAA we provide you with a Starting List of colleges that gives you some basic information about each school. There is more information as you look further,but you can easily see common facts about your initial list of colleges.

Create a system for evaluating each candidate – Which colleges stand out to you? Why are they a possible good match? You have to decide which factors are the most important to you. Is it the location, the majors they offer, sports, clubs, or something else? You can have your own thought process to choose your top candidates.

Choose your top few – Just like the show, you can choose your top options and set them apart. Once you have it narrowed to four to eight colleges you can more easily compare the differences.

Go on a date – As the Bachelor season goes on, the contestants go on dates to see if they have any chemistry. In the college admissions world this is like a college visit. You should go to each of your top colleges, if able, so you can see what they are like. Walking on the campus and speaking to people can be formative in your final choice.

See if they like you - After your “dates” you can put in your applications. Then, you get to find out if they like you back. Do they accept you? If so, do they provide you with enough financial aid? There are ways to know if a college is a match. Your coaches are here to help you assess which option is the best fit.

Make a choice – At the end of the show the Bachelor makes a choice to propose or not. At the end of your process you get to select which college you will attend. There may not be as much ceremony or drama involved, but it can be a very important day in your life.

At CAA, we hope that your college admissions process is much less drama-filled than an episode of The Bachelor. We are here to help you find your fit and move through the process. Collect your roses, do your research, and collaborate with the coaching team as you search for the right fit college.



Being a coach gives me the chance to experience the joy of helping people often!