Southern Methodist University   One of the most convenient times to visit a college campus is during spring break. If you are in high school, regardless of your class year, and haven’t yet visited a college campus, CAA encourages you to do this soon!   Over the past few years, CAA Coaches have been visiting college campuses to better understand the appeal of the more popular and prestigious schools across the country. Our campus visit mission also includes gaining more insight to what these more popular colleges are looking for in an applicant. Recently, a few CAA coaches visited Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. They discovered that SMU has many interesting aspects, but what could be better than SMU sports and being a Mustang? Well, many would say the answer is an SMU education.   SMU is often lauded for its football and basketball teams, but its extensive degree options and prestigious academic programs speak for themselves. SMU offers over 100 majors and 75 minors, and students with multiple interests can even double and triple major. Some of SMU’s other academic perks include excellent internships and job placement opportunities due to its close proximity to Downtown Dallas, as well as an extensive study abroad program and small class sizes.   Some of the most interesting features of SMU, as viewed by the visiting CAA coaches, were the personal interactions between professors and students, the emphasis placed on undergraduate success, and the inclusiveness that SMU provides to its students.   SMU’s residential commons were created around a living-learning concept, with each housing a well-established SMU professor. This concept gives students the opportunity to connect with faculty on a daily basis. While at SMU, the CAA coaches spoke with an admissions officer who indicated that the school stands out from other private universities because it focuses so much attention on its undergraduates. Undergraduates at SMU have access to the stock trading center located in the Cox School of Business; competitive internship and research opportunities; and highly-ranked pre-medicine and pre-law programs. SMU also embodies inclusiveness through organizations such as Best Buddies, which empowers students with disabilities by offering them leadership opportunities, jobs, and lasting friendships. They also introduce freshmen to the campus through an orientation retreat called Mustang Corral, where they meet other incoming students, upper-class leaders, and faculty.

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  Overall, the visiting CAA coaches were really impressed with the professors’ abilities to partake in so many different activities on and off campus while remaining active in their field of study and providing a quality education to their students.   Outside of high-spirited SMU sports fans, many apply to this school to receive all the educational benefits it has to offer. From the wide range of degree options to the support offered to undergraduates campus-wide, students are in for a quality academic experience at SMU!   Please contact the CAA coaches for more information about researching colleges like SMU.