Sierrea Silva - Fourth Prize Winner

College Admissions Assistance, LLC (CAA) recently announced the five winners of their seventh annual scholarship contest and Sierra Silva was awarded the $250 Fourth Prize. Born and raised in Tacoma, Washington, Sierrea told CAA that she is currently working at Camp Seymour this summer before starting at Central Washington University in the fall where she plans on majoring in music education.   "At first, I didn’t really have plans for this summer,” she said. “My mentor suggested that I work at the camp. Now I get paid to work with children! It’s a great way to end my senior year and transition into college.”   Camp has taught Sierrea to learn about living without her mother and says the camp ends just a few days before she moves into the dorms at Central. She told CAA that Central already feels like home and she learned a lot about the college during her campus visit.   “I really like how it is in the middle of Ellensburg, Washington and how it has such a big impact on the community,” she said. “It is a big campus but I will be able to get to know a lot of people. I am excited about EVERYTHING Central has to offer me.” She added that while the college is big, the small town is a place where everyone knows one another, which is exactly what she was looking for.   Sierrea said that Central is a place full of opportunities that she can use to be successful in the future. And, even though she is ready to begin her new chapter at Central, she will miss the people who have impacted her life in Tacoma.   “I will miss the family I created and the support system at my high school,” she explained. “I was in a program called Lincoln Center where I got to know my teachers really well. They took an active role in my life and helped me get through some personal struggles.”   In high school, Sierrea participated in orchestra and choir and says music is her passion. She also enjoys photography, writing, and bowling. Sierrea plans to eventually earn her master’s degree in music education and wants to minor in public speaking and photography while at Central.   “Music has been a passion since I was a little girl,” she said. “I know in my heart this is what I am supposed to do.”   At Central in addition to her studies, Sierrea plans to get involved with anything that will help her grow as a person. She hopes to one day impact other’s lives as those around her have impacted hers. “High school was not an easy road and I overcame a lot,” she said. “I would tell underclassmen to try their best and never give up. You are the master of your fate. High school is only the beginning to a wonderful life.”   In addition to her high school resources, Sierrea found that CAA helped her achieve her goals most by keeping her on track with certain deadlines. She told CAA that she is ready for college life and the freedom to do what she wants without worrying about everyone else for awhile. Sierrea is ready to begin an exciting journey.