University of Florida: Questions Answered by CAA

Every college is unique, as is every college student. There is a reason CAA suggests that you research how you fit into a college’s atmosphere and academics; the closer you are to a great fit, the better the chances of success!   Recently, a CAA coach visited the University of Florida (UF), which is a popular school among CAA clients. To help our blog readers better understand the uniqueness of this college, the coach who visited UF answered a few questions based on their visit to UF in Gainesville, FL.  

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  What is UF all about?   This college is focused on teaching, service, research and scholarship. Additionally, as the oldest of Florida’s eleven state universities and the state’s flagship university, UF is widely recognized as a top-tier university.   What stands out about their academics?   Every student at UF takes a course called, “What is the Good Life?” Students grapple with the question posed in the course title by exploring art, philosophy, music, literature, or another subject area. The class is taught by professors with different areas of expertise, so the content varies, which offers a unique twist on the standard “Introduction to Humanities” course.   What about the financial aspect? What does it cost?   If you live in Florida, it is very affordable. As a Florida resident who meets the requirements, you could receive a Florida Bright Futures scholarship to help offset some of the cost. In addition, UF claims that 100 percent of freshmen receive financial aid. However, the difference in tuition for in-state and out-of-state residents is significant. So, out-of-state students should be prepared to work extra hard on their grades and test scores to be eligible for an institutional scholarship.   What is significant about UF’s application process?   The early deadline! November 1st is their regular decision deadline, so begin working on the application at the very beginning of your senior year. Better yet, check out the requirements over the summer after your junior year. Also, CAA recommends to put some extra effort into the résumé portion of the application because one of the admissions officers said it is a key part of their selection process. UF admissions officers review applications holistically, which means they consider the balance between your academics and extracurricular activities.   What makes UF so appealing?   They have a 94 percent freshman retention rate, which means that when students decide to go, they will likely stay through graduation. UF claims that nearly two-thirds of graduates have no student loan debt, which is impressive. Also, UF offers 100 undergraduate majors, so they likely have the one you want to study. CAA suggests that you visit the campus if you are interested. The campus visit begins with an informative presentation, and afterwards, you can ask questions and walk the campus with current UF students.   CAA clients should contact us with any questions about UF. They should also check out UF’s college profile on the website, which includes information about the academic, emotional, social, and financial aspects of the university, as well as their merit aid opportunities.   Florida Gators (