What Rocks? Georgetown University

  “Hoya Saxa! Hoya Saxa!” This deafening chant can be heard for miles during a Georgetown University basketball game, which is a huge pastime for students, but Georgetown has more than lively basketball games. They are an academically passionate, united, historic university that may be just what you are looking for in a college experience!   One of our CAA Coaches had the pleasure of visiting Georgetown’s campus and said it was surprisingly calm and peaceful considering how close it is to the hubbub of Washington D.C. She believes it is important that any interested student visit Georgetown to really grasp the atmosphere and personality of the campus. “The campus is very serene, which one might not expect being in a large city,” she explained.

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Founded by John Carroll in 1789 and now the nation’s oldest Catholic and Jesuit university, Georgetown is a research-based institution that caters to its students, and commits to community engagement, and their global impact. Even though they strongly endorse their Jesuit values of social justice, our CAA Coach explained they are all inclusive regarding religious values.   “They have the largest campus ministries in the U.S.,” she said. “Georgetown promotes respect for all beliefs and has a very diverse offering for spiritual and religious life.” She explained that there is a full-time Imam and Rabbi on Georgetown’s campus and that they require students to take two theology courses. She said, “The reason for requiring these courses is to appreciate the religious aspect of human existence, but this is not limited to the Christian perspective.”   Being 225 years old, Georgetown’s campus has gathered a lot of history and garnered many honors. During the Civil War, Georgetown nearly closed its doors because of the number of students who enlisted to fight as both Union and Confederate soldiers. After the war ended, student chose the official school colors of blue and gray in 1876 to honor all those lost in battle.   In addition to its beautiful campus, commitment to its mission, and its rich history, Georgetown prides itself in their thriving and intelligent student body.  Most students are involved in campus activities and organizations like intramural sports, community service clubs, or on-campus employment. Their relationship to other Georgetown students truly begins their first year on campus when living in the dorms is mandatory. Although housing is only guaranteed for the first two years, most students live on campus through graduation. And, if they aren’t on campus, they are close by in the surrounding neighborhoods.   Our CAA Coach said that students not only fully involve themselves in campus activities but also in the school spirit cheering on the several Division I sports teams, especially basketball.   “Georgetown is proud of its basketball history,” she explained. “My tour guide stated, ‘Even if you aren’t a Georgetown basketball fan before you arrive, you will most certainly leave one.’”   So, why chant “Hoya Saxa?” In Georgetown’s early years, students sat on a rock-wall to watch the sports teams practice. One day a student stood on the wall and yelled “Hoya Saxa!” which translates to “What Rocks” in Latin, and the saying stuck. CAA thinks Georgetown definitely rocks.