Summer is such an exciting time for students. You’ve spent the year working on your grades, being involved in extracurricular activities, and making sure you’ve earned enough credits to make it to the next grade-level. With all the hullaballoo, it can be easy to de-stress by playing video games, browsing through social media nonstop, or simply doing nothing.

But what if you tapped into your imagination and went off to seek new adventures? Maybe you are into fiction. Maybe you just enjoy learning and would prefer non-fiction. There’s plenty of reasons why you should put your phone down or turn off your Xbox for 30 minutes to pick up a book.  

Here are the reasons why you won’t regret reading a book this summer:

- By reading, you can expand your mind to greater ideas and more creative thinking. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but when you’re trying to figure out what to write for your English class, it can prove to be very beneficial.

- By reading, you can learn focus and concentration. When you are lost in a book, you are training your mind to focus and concentrate on one thing. This will especially help your mind from wandering when you’re trying to focus on homework or that upcoming test.

- By reading, you are not only using your imagination and learning to focus, but you’re also working on memory. When you read, you allow your mind to remember people, places and things. We all know that memory is key when learning something new.

- Reading is a way to help reduce stress! Let’s not forget that most students have just spent the year stressing over their grades. Reading can help alleviate some of that and help you relax.

- Believe it or not, but reading makes you more interesting! Not only can you benefit from all the things listed above, but you can also become more diverse. Reading can also help your vocabulary skills expand. So next time you’re talking to your friends, you can throw some new lingo at them.

Even if these reasons aren’t convincing enough, or if you feel that you don’t care for them, they will prove to be beneficial once you get to college. This isn’t to say that you still shouldn’t relax in ways that you enjoy, but maybe you should consider adding reading to your list. I haven’t found anyone who reads and then regrets reading. So, this summer take a step and read the first page of a book you may enjoy. You may find yourself continuing on to page two and beyond. Reading may add one more activity to the list of things you enjoy.


Coach Angélica